Here’s your permission to eat your chocolate alone. Not like ‘all by myself’ kind of alone, I’m just talking about eating chocolate straight up, as dark and pure as you can take it. But yes, I do it all by myself sometimes.

What I am saying is if you’re like me and love to combine your chocolate consumption with a glass of milk, or if you’re still trying to convince yourself that milk chocolate is good for you, hold on a second. Milk proteins bind to the healthy nutrients in chocolate so they don’t get absorbed. If you justify your chocolate eating (as I do) by telling yourself and anyone who’ll listen that you’re getting some great health benefits out of it, adding milk washes that excuse away. All those antioxidants in chocolate we hear about, they go right out the window as soon as you add milk to the mix.

If you are already grieving the breakup of your favorite couple, just use almond, rice, hemp, or any other plant-based milk without protein (no soy milk for this union…same protein issue).

Bottom Line: Real chocolate is choc full of antioxidants and feel-good compounds. Mix it with a protein-rich milk and you lose all of that goodness. So, leave it alone to eat it real!

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