Antibiotics not the Answer for Asthmatics

Analyzing over 5,000 outpatient visits of, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, found that some antibiotics may be overprescribed for kids with asthma. Antibiotics were prescribed in 1 of 6 routine visits even though national guidelines don’t recommend them as therapy. However, when best practices and alternative therapies were discussed by the pediatrician during those visits, patients were much less likely to receive antibiotic prescriptions.

Can Eliminating Dairy Treat Ashtma?

Every parent who has a child with asthma has at some point felt helpless. Some integrative medical practitioners suggest reducing or avoiding milk and dairy products to support asthma treatment and the less specific Reactive Airway Disease (RAD). Dairy is known to thicken mucous and too much mucous in the lungs can cause attacks. In the last decade, more attention has been paid to dietary dairy sensitivity.