Light Up Your Vision With Lutein

light up your vision

Is your vision not what it used to be? Having a hard time seeing at night? Not ready to give up driving after dark? Perhaps lutein holds the solution for you.

Caffeine Withdrawal Now a Mental Disorder

caffeine withdrawal

If you are a committed coffee drinker or enjoy a few too many caffeinated sodas or drinks on the weekends and are considering modifying your habits, your morning routine and entire world as you know it now has new implications. You may be crazy.

Fruit Antioxidants May Help Deter Diabetes

fruit and diabetes

Diabetes may be the biggest threat to Americans’ collective health over the next few decades, with rates rising at an alarming pace. According to the National Diabetes Fact Sheet, 23.6 million children and adults in the United States – 7.8% of the population – have diabetes. Out of this estimated total, about 5.7 million people […]

Sugar Sweetened Soda Tops the Chart for Prostate Cancer Risk

Studying 8,128 men over a 15-year period, men who drank just a soda a day or other drinks with added sugar saw a 40% increase in the risk of developing prostate cancer. Other non-liquid sugars were implicated as well, but surprisingly, at less of an increased risk.

Meditation Yields Lasting Calm

A new study shows that eight weeks of daily meditation moderated people’s responses to emotion-eliciting images … even after they stopped meditating.

Teen’s Brain Saved by Omega-3s?

Anything that can help TBI victims’ prognoses and families – and save billions in rehab and long-term care costs – should be pursued aggressively. Omega-3s from fish – especially DHA – hold real promise. The justification for urgent clinical testing of DHA in brain injuries just increased.

Research Roundup: Eggs, Nuts, Cars, PMS and More

Every once in a while we like to do a recap of recent studies that have been published that can help you live your life a little cleaner and a little healthier. Here are some interesting ones that have been published in the last little while.

Overeating Harms Memory

overeating negatively effects memory

Last year, two studies from Europe and the Mayo Clinic linked diets high in saturated fat – and low in unsaturated fats – to greater risk for brain decline. A new Mayo Clinic study suggests that excess calories may double the risk for memory loss.

New Study Shows Omega 3s Make You Smart, Sugar Makes You Smrt

Beyond improving how you feel today and helping you avoid diseases in the future, eating well can also make you smarter. What’s not to like about that? In last week’s edition of the Journal of Physiology a group of UCLA researchers published results of a study on the effects of high-fructose corn syrup and Omega-3 fatty acids on the cognitive performance of rats. From the study the scientists concluded that a diet high in sugar, in as little as six weeks, could cause a significant decline in learning abilities and memory.

Nutrition News – A Random Round Up

Today I’m going to take a little bit of a different approach and talk about a few different topics real quickly. They all tie together to reinforce the message that Nature is pretty cool. We’ve been blessed with incredible foods that can fuel and protect our amazing bodies; no chemicals, GMO nonsense, or artificial garbage necessary.

High-fructose Corn Syrup Makes You Gain More Weight Than Sugar

Though it was already well known, once again research has been concluded that clearly shows sugar is not sugar. In a recently concluded Princeton University study, rats with access to HFCS gained significantly more weight than rats with access only to regular table sugar, even though their caloric intake was the same.