Could a Dairy-Free Diet Be Your Ticket to Perfect Health?

We’re told from the time we’re kids that dairy’s the thing strong bones and healthy bodies are made of. Is that not true? What about the calcium, where else would you get it? Why would we be told it’s healthy if it’s not? Those were my questions, and here’s the truth I learned.

Need Calcium? A Dairy-Free Diet Can Deliver

I was sitting here the other day thinking about that old ‘80s dairy commercial. You know the one with the tagline that says, “Milk Does a Body Good.” The slogan is catchy and unforgettable, but the claims are a bit twisted. Believe it or not, a dairy-free diet will do your body much better than […]

Milk, the perfect food…

How many times has someone asked you, “Well if you don’t drink milk, where do you get your calcium?” Hmmm, where does the mother cow get its calcium? Plants maybe?