It’s one thing to know that your body needs clean food and clean products to support your healthy lifestyle. It’s quite another thing finding the products that measure up to your standards.

We’ve put together this list of resources to connect you, the clean eating, clean living enthusiast with companies that share your values. These companies are ones that we use, often, and we’ve used them enough to feel comfortable recommending everything they make and teach.

Beauty Products
Bubble & Bee
Simply Divine Botanicals

Supplements and Superfoods
Vital Choice Vitamin D
Vital Choice Fish Oil
Sun Warrior Protein Powders
Dr. Mark Hyman’s Healthy Living Store
Superfoods from Essential Living Foods

Without a doubt, our favorite source for seafood is Vital Choice. Sustainable, tested for mercury levels, and down right delicious, their seafood is the real deal.

Cultures for Health has everything you need to make your own fermented foods at home, including lots of videos telling you how to do it.
Body Ecology Starter Cultures

Blood Sugar Solution
Body Ecology is the place to start if you want to understand why your gut flora is critical to good health.

Nutiva’s Hemp Seeds are the best we’ve found. We add them in smoothies, use them to make hemp milk, and eat them by the spoon full.

Coconut Oil from Nutiva
Macadamia Oil from Vital Choice

Stevia from Body Ecology

Blendtec Blenders

Whether we want to learn more about nutrition from experts like Joel Fuhrman and John Robbins, or explore other options like finding balance in life, meditation, and relationships, we turn to the course at Entheos. We’ve participated in several of their courses and have enjoyed each one. Check out their courses and instructors here.

Green Field Paper – paper, envelopes, and business cards you can plant!

Environmental Working Group’s home cleaners Wall of Shame and their Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen produce lists.