5 Things to Cut Out of Your Diet

I received this dandy little article in my inbox recently. It’s written by Tony Horton, the creator of the famous P90X routine. This would apply to those trying to build muscle or lose weight, and anyone else just trying to eat healthy. I’m just going to let this one speak for itself (except that anyone who does P90X knows that he is not a fan of dairy – and we know how bad that is for you – so I’d add one more to his list). You may or may not like it. He said it, not me.

Pop cultures

What countries drink the most soda? And should we tax those drinks?

Diet Soda: Not on Anyone’s Diet

I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Atlanta to have my Endodontic brother-in-law give me a root canal. He did a fantastic job – definitely worth going across the country for.

I couldn’t help but notice the population there seems to be made up of a very high percentage of overweight and obese people. I also noted the “World of Coke” headquarters as we were driving through downtown.