Facts You Need to Know About GMO’s

facts you need to know about gmo's

The inventors of genetically modified foods (GMO’s) tell us the world needs this technology to feed the ever-growing population. The FDA approved these foods after lobbyists convinced them that there is “no significant difference” between a real tomato and a genetically engineered version. So while there have been no tests proving these foods are safe for human consumption, an entire generation of humans is being raised on these foods as a grand experiment. Dr. Huber offers a differing point of view.

GMO in the United States: Sugar Beets

Find out about the genetically-modified (GMO) battle over sugar beets in the United States, how it compares to GMO struggles in Australia, who’s running the show and how it’s being run.

Genetically Modified in Australia

While in Western Australia Kelli and I got to attend a gathering with a panel to discuss a major genetically modified (GMO) food debate currently afflicting that area. It was so fascinating to learn about how GMO is affecting them and how they feel about it.

Genetically Modified (GMO) Salmon

Genetically Modified: Corn and Soy and Salmon, Oh My! Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I have the feeling I’m going to be saying that more and more as time goes on. Sigh. The latest? The FDA is being petitioned today to decide whether genetically modified salmon can be sold as food to […]