Strong Relationships, Healthy Hormones

Women are especially vulnerable to accommodating lousy relationships because we’re not well trained about healthy boundaries. We often don’t learn that “no” is a complete sentence. And to add more fuel to the fire, our brain/hormone connections are more sensitive to emotional stressors.

A Personal Message from Isabel

Goal…Wikipedia defines it as “a desired result an animal or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve.” Although that is a completely accurate and great definition of the word, I have 2 very important and critical details to add. To do so, I want to share 2 very personal experiences with you that will […]

When Perfect Eating Eats Away At Us

Healthy living is simple, right? Eat right and exercise. Done and done. However, with the ever expanding information in nutritional science, and purveyors of specific dietary tribalism and dietetic dogma, a new challenge has arisen. A condition known as orthorexia nervosa is not even a diagnosis code yet, but it is indeed very real.

Is Organic Worth The Extra Money? Images Tell the Story Best

Very often people ask us if paying the extra money for organic produce is worth it. We do our best to explain the benefits, but of course we know that images, pictures, and stories are more powerful than mere data, so we try to use those as much as possible.

So You Like Those Free Samples at the Grocery Store Do You?

As a Morselist, promoting healthy Morsels at food fairs and store demos, I’ve met the gamut of people: ones only seeking out free samples, others interested in new products, some want education, and many make great story fodder.

Now, I know I’m supposed to stay positive and sunny and I will probably offend some people, but COME ON! Everyone’s got a breaking point, right?

Flexible Fun Friday and a Confession

We all have crazy days and can’t be good all the time, and that’s why I love the 90/10 Rule: Be good 90% of the time and 10% forgive ourselves. Being flexible is key or we just might snap!

The Irish and Their Grub

We do our best to eat as healthy as possible when we can control the situation, right? When the normal routines are good, you can enjoy the occasional treats with your friends and family and have fun without the smallest feeling of guilt. Relax, take advantage of good times and adventures. Life is to be experienced!

How To Cure Cravings By Using Radical Indulgence by Karol Gajda

I saw this post yesterday written by Karol Gajda on his blog RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Karol blogs about his travels and living a minimalist life, and he also happens to be a vegan. His post yesterday was awesome. We all have our cravings (mine at one time, post changing my food habits, was hot dogs, which only […]

Eating healthy on the road

So it was a fantastic trip, with only a couple missteps along the way as we tried to eat our best. We have our preparation and the ability to web search on my phone to thank for it. I little planning, and you can take eating healthy with you wherever you go.

Lamentations of a pharmacy rep

Recently I was seeking help for design work on our blog. One of the designers we contacted spent some time looking at our blog and sent a very interesting reply. With her permission, here’s a portion of what she wrote: “…I like your blog. Love Skinny Bitch. I’ve read it and listened to it twice. […]

Raising vegetarian kids?

So you’ve decided to raise your kids vegetarian, or your older child has chose that vegetarian is the way of life for him. What are some things to consider?