3 Easy Tips to Resolve Uncomfortable Bloat and How to Stick to Your Clean Eating Plan During the Holidays

If you are someone who is currently suffering from frequent gas, uncomfortable bloating or painful indigestion, then this is an important article for you. I have no problem talking about “embarrassing” topics…like GAS and bloating…because I know how uncomfortable and potentially humiliating both can be. There are a few reasons why your stomach and digestive system may be a little out of sorts, even when you’re eating all the “right” foods.

Six Things to Help You Eat Healthy at Holiday Parties

You probably have a few more parties to go to before the big day…and a few more situations where you’re trying to figure out how to stick to a somewhat healthy eating routine when there are so many sweets and treats around.

5 Ways to Halt Holiday Stress

It’s the second week of December. Chances are you’re up to your eyeballs in parties, shopping, plans, food, family, events, parking, crowds . . . and you may be feeling a little stressed. Here are 5 natural ways to reduce stress at any time of year, even during the Holidays.