15 Ways to Ensure a Healthy Life

No, we can’t guarantee that we’ll never get sick or have a major illness, but we can sure do our part to make those possibilities far less likely.

Nutrition Labels on Food: How to Read Them, and Read Between the Lines

Reading nutrition labels can be tricky, but is essential if you want to eat healthy and protect your health. Learn what to look for, and how to compare different food choices. If you or anyone you know is suffering from health issues like: abdominal pain, food allergies, fatigue, candida, diabetes or obesity, reading nutrition labels as part of your clean eating lifestyle can go a long way toward renewed health.

Expand Your Grains, Extend Your Life

The study isn’t proof that white rice causes diabetes, more so, it shows the importance of eating whole grains. More brown rice is helpful because it is higher in fiber and that may protect against diabetes. Whole grains have so much more fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein, so you get a lot more nutritional bang for your buck than with refined carbohydrates like white rice or white bread.

Want to eat healthy, but unsure where to start?

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? The theme this year is Get Your Plate in Shape. It’s not much of a stretch at all that focusing on what you put on your plate may be the most important thing you could be doing right now. Changing the way you eat could change […]

The Clean Eating Mystery…Solved

What exactly is clean eating? In simple terms, it means eating a diet that is loaded with vegetables, supplemented with fruits, nuts, and seeds, and second, devoid of anything artificial or potentially damaging to your body. That’s it. Do that starting today and you’ll change your health forever.

You either pay the farmer or the doctor

Switching to a plant-based diet, and organic as much as possible, has actually saved us quite a bit of money. How? Well, you either pay the farmer or you pay the doctor, and doctors cost more!

9 Foods Not to Give Your Kids…or Anybody Else

Since most kids have hummingbird metabolisms that adults can only envy, it’s often easy to give them a free pass and let them eat whatever they want. But eventually those metabolisms slow down and the pounds settle in.