Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Oh my, Fall is here. It’s hard to imagine isn’t it? One of things I love about Fall is the beginning of the pumpkin harvest. Pumpkins are so versatile in the kitchen, going way beyond the classic pumpkin pie. For a quick, healthy treat, try out these delicious muffins that are great for taking to […]

Dairy Free Chocolate Fudgesicles (V,GF)

It’s true. Summer 2012 is going away. After a few weeks of plus 100 degree weather, the oncoming weather change is welcomed. But there’s still time for one last summer hurrah, and sitting outside eating a chocolate fudgesicle is the perfect way to bid farewell to summer. And of course these are dairy free and […]

Chocolate Cake for One to Many (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Happy Friday. Hope you’ve had a great week. And doesn’t a week full of hard work deserve a weekend treat? Well how about this option for a very simple, but delicious little treat you can make for yourself or for a whole dinner party? And, while I’m asking questions, who doesn’t love chocolate cake? This treat is for everyone!

Gluten Free, Vegan, Delicious Peanut Butter Cups

dairy free gluten free peanut butter cups

Yes, they’re as good as they sound. And even better than they look. Simply put, this is one you have to try. It’s incredibly easy and can be put together in a matter of minutes. Yes, ‘incredibly delicious’ can be that fast. Try it out!

Chocolate Almond No-Bake Cookies (V,GF)

Besides being made with basic ingredients, the other big benefit to these cookies is that you can make them in about 10 minutes, not counting the cooling time. Forgot that you signed up to bring treats to tonight’s school function? Or tomorrow’s get together with the neighbors? Here come these cookies to the rescue. Heck, you might already have everything you need right in your panty. I love those kind of recipes. 🙂

Gluten Free Apricot Scones (V,GF)

Recently I came across a scone recipe that intrigued me enough to wonder if it could actually be tasty, worth the effort to make and worth making it an “allowance” standby. The recipe I saw was full of refined flours and sugars and had a ton of dairy, so it was a two-fold challenge: make it clean AND taste really good.

Dairy Free Coconut Panna Cotta

If you’ve had Panna Cotta you know how addicting it can be. The great news is that it can be just as good avoiding the dairy creams and using healthier sweeteners. Using canned coconut milk makes the Panna Cotta extra creamy. Topped off with a chocolate sauce that’s virtually a health food, what’s not to […]

Gluten Free Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

gluten free banana bread

This healthy recipe makes the best banana bread we have ever had. Whenever I give something new to my cute little Australian niece she asks me “is it yuck or is it yum?” This is most definitely yum! It’s big on taste, and all it’s missing are refined grains, gluten, and dairy.

Amazing Gluten Free Zucchini Bread

Here in Austin we are starting to see a lot of green zucchini coming out of everyone’s gardens. What to do with all that zucchini? We’ve got a fantastic recommendation for at least one delicious way you can use them up.

Dairy Free, No Sugar Added, Gluten Free Chocolate Pudding

A dairy-free pudding is nothing new to Fooduciary. We’ve had a similar recipe on here for a long time. And it’s one we pull out all the time when guests are coming over. But I’ve had fun experimenting with different desserts to see if it was possible to get them to taste good without using added sugar. Turns out, for this recipe, it’s not that hard.

Dairy Free Coconut Cardamom Almond Rice Pudding (V,GF)

It’s hard to go wrong with rice pudding, except when you use dairy to make it. Nothing’s worse than a mouthful of great flavor followed by a day of tummy rumbles and nasal congestion. Lucky for humanity, rice pudding is not only easy to make dairy free, it’s actually even tastier!