Gluten Free Apricot Scones (V,GF)

by Kelli & Brad

gluten free apricot scones

The appeal of scones is one I’ve never quite understood. Every time I’ve tried them they’ve been too dry, essentially flavorless, and so unrewarding that I felt like I’d blown my treat “allowance.”

Recently I came across a scone recipe that intrigued me enough to wonder if it could actually be tasty, worth the effort to make and worth making it an “allowance” standby. The recipe I saw was full of refined flours and sugars and had a ton of dairy, so it was a two-fold challenge: make it clean AND taste really good.

The first attempt, not very different from the recipe below, was ok but still not an amazing creation that could turn me into a scone fan. I knew it could be better, and I knew I was close, so I tried one more batch. This time in place of almond milk for the moisture, I used canned coconut milk, the full fat variety of course, wondering what the extra cream and fat would do.

Hello wonder child. That was all it took. The coconut flavor did not come through strongly at all, but what it did for the texture of the scones, combined with the flavor of the apricots, was simply amazing. Am I scone fan now? Well heck yes, if they’re made right!

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