Goal…Wikipedia defines it as “a desired result an animal or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve.” Although that is a completely accurate and great definition of the word, I have 2 very important and critical details to add.

To do so, I want to share 2 very personal experiences with you that will hopefully help you in the attainment of your own goals (as they helped me).

This past Saturday morning I finally took on the task of cleaning out and organizing our home office. Not only is that room still filled with boxes from our last move, but it is also completely filled with old paperwork that needed to be shredded or thrown away.

I happened to come across a notebook that I was using in 2009. It was a “goals journal and gratitude list” that I was keeping at the time and what I read brought me to tears.

What I had done at that time is something I suggest everyone do before they begin their weight loss and health journal and/or embark on any journal towards the attainment of their goals…I scripted what I wanted my life to be like and how I would feel once my goals were complete.

Without reading you every bit of what I wrote, some of the details that brought tears to my eyes were, “I’m so happy that we’re living in our home in South Carolina and it’s so great to be close to our family” (we were living in NJ at the time). “I’m so happy and grateful that my husband has more time to spend with me and our beautiful baby” (he was working 12 hour days at the time and now works from home). I could go on and on, but the VERY important point I want to make here is…

I not only wrote down my goals and made them real; I scripted and envisioned what life would be like once I completed those goals.

The lesson here is…

Take some time NOW to write down your goals in great detail. If you have just decided to lose weight and take care of your health, don’t just write down “I want to lose weight,” write down exactly how much weight, on exactly what day and script out what life will be like when you reach that wonderful goal.

Here’s an example to help you get started…

“I am so happy and grateful now that I’ve lost 20 pounds. I feel great that I was able to accomplish this by my birthday and I love how I feel in my new birthday outfit! Yes, wearing new clothes is great, but being able to keep up with my children and running around outside with them is the greatest feeling of all. I look forward to a long life of health and showing others by my actions that living a healthy life can be enjoyable and fun.”

Now that’s just one example. Your life and situation may be quite different, but I encourage you to take the time to script out your personal goals and what life will not only look like, but what it will FEEL like once those goals have been accomplished.

Want some more encouragement?

Share your goals with us in the SHARE section of Beyond Diet and let us know exactly what you’re working on and exactly how we can help you accomplish those goals.

Your GOALS – let us support and encourage you

I’ll be back with the second personal experience towards accomplishing your goals later this week. Until then, be sure to join us in Beyond Diet where thousands of other people, just like you, have embarked on a healthy journey to lose weight and feel great.

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