So You Like Those Free Samples at the Grocery Store Do You?

by Maura Knowles

free samples

“If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.” -Emile Zola

And Living Out Loud is what I’ve done!

This article is a spicier/more flavorful one, because sometimes we DO need to turn up the HEAT!!!

As a Morselist, promoting healthy Morsels at food fairs and store demos, I’ve met the gamut of people: ones only seeking out free samples, others interested in new products, some want education, and many make great story fodder.

Now, I know I’m supposed to stay positive and sunny and I will probably offend some people, but COME ON! Everyone’s got a breaking point, right?

First the GOOD:

One incredible Morsel Taster, was a woman who went into the health field after she watched her dad suffer
and pass from diabetes. Meeting people who “get” what I’m doing makes it 100% worth while. Especially the ones who buy 3-6 dozen morsels!!


Then there was “Gimme a Cookie!,” just looking for freebies of cookies and completely clueless! Told me he doesn’t NEED to watch his sugar and I nodded, wondering, “You sure about that, Mr. Hot dog on a stick?!”

evolution of pork

Another man, introduced himself as a psychic, slurping a 7-11 Big Gulp, told me he was diabetic and suffered from heart disease but couldn’t buy my morsels because “they would be too addicting.”

Mr. Psychic Big Gulp proceeded to “psychically read me” and told me my kidneys were “too yang” and that I needed to “get Grass Fed Beef Liver and blend it into a puree and drink for a week.”

Gagging, I responded, “that’s repulsive! Thank you very much, my kidneys will happily remain in YANG!”

Later, a greasy haired woman with food and gunk in her teeth, wanted to know,

GH: How come you don’t add sugar and salt to your cookies?

to which I answered,

MM: I created these MORSELS for my Dad, who can’t eat sugar and salt. However, there are plenty of treats/cookies/pastries out there that have salt, sugar, butter, chemicals, crap, etc. She continued to grab samples asking,

GH: How come don’t you make savory snacks with fat and crap?

I wanted to wash her hair.

Eventually, another GOOD taster meandered over to my table and began to praise the fact that I do not use sweeteners or salt and asked to sample, budging into G.H.’s space, forcing G.H. to move on….

That GOOD taster was EXTRA GOOD and we had a passionate conversation about how addicting sugar and salt can be and how we’ve watched our loved ones suffer from it making us create lifestyle changes and feeling 100% better because of it.

Then a BIG BAD one appeared, in a hurry, on her cell phone:


I smiled through tensed teeth, as I do, when people annoy me,

MM: These are Mac-n-Mo’s Morsels.


MM: Well, Mac is my Dad and I’m Mo.


She continued an entirely different conversation on her cell phone.

MM: They’re a healthy Gluten Free/Vegan/NO Salt, 0-1g Sug…

And before I could finish, she grabbed the glass dome lid OFF my sample pedestal display, grabbing all of my samples, screaming,


And stormed off.

Now, this one took the cake, or morsel, literally!

My heart actually began to race, blood boil and I went to find the store manager. But once I got to her, I thought to myself, “What am I going to do? Tell on a customer? Am I in kindergarten?”

So, I took a breath, not too deep and walked back to my demo table and decided it was time for this Morselist to pack up her toys and go home.

Day is done.

Gone the sun (and my NOT so sunny disposition).

Then just as I was putting my things into my bag, a beautiful family approached.

BF: We LOVE Mac-n-Mo’s!

I was taken aback.

MM: You know Mac-n-Mo’s?

BF: Yes, our kids LOVE the Chocolate Chip and my husband & I love the Pumpkin Cranberry & we love that there’s nothing bad in them.

My heart took another beat, but this time it was a good/fluttering kind.

MM: How did you hear about them?

BF: We saw them here in the store about a month ago and my kids liked the logo & picked them up. When I read the story & saw the nutritional info, I decided to give them a try.

MM: Oh, my gosh, you just made my day…no, my week! Maybe even my month. This makes me VERY happy! I’m Mo, (I reached out my plastic gloved right hand) and well, I just ran out of samples. Or I should say, my samples just ran out on me! It’s SOOOOO nice to meet you!

The mom gave me a hug, thanking me for making a treat that she feels good about giving to her kids and one that she can eat, too.

Now, I really could go home, not in a huff, but feeling extra MORSELICIOUS!!!!

YES, it’s the little things!

About the author...

, a.k.a. Mo the Morselist, is a Health Coach with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In this program she was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. She is educated in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and the importance of preventive care.

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