Recently I was seeking help for design work on our blog. One of the designers we contacted spent some time looking at our blog and sent a very interesting reply. With her permission, here’s a portion of what she wrote:

“…I like your blog. Love Skinny Bitch. I’ve read it and listened to it twice. however, I’m a vegetarian (ovo lacto) (which isn’t to say that I lay claim to some grand plan of health; I love candy like it’s my husband) and their chapter on slaughterhouses makes me sob. Literally. Sob. On my second listen it occured to me that I have the power to fast foward. Genius.

I appreciate where you and Kelli are coming from. It’s rough when you place your trust in professionals and their experience and understanding–and research to date–aren’t enough to fix what’s awry. Our nation is, sadly, incredibly, well, effed up when it comes to nutrition, and it’s manifesting in the bodies Americans wear.

From what I’ve read on your blog, I suspect that you’d take issue with this, but I am a drug rep by profession. And I do recognize the validity in some of the qualms the public has with the industry I work in. Presently, I am sitting in a medical lobby and the people that walk past me are sad. Their various forms of pain, self-inflicted and otherwise, have truly brought me to tears from time to time. The amount of problems that these people could solve by altering their way of living is incalculable. The amount of problems caused by the way people treat their bodies is incalculable too.

Currently, the medications I have responsibility for are cardiovascular, so I spend my days watching patients in waiting rooms that, had they made better food choices, very likely wouldn’t have to be there or could have postponed their need for a visit. I wish that healthy eating and living could put me out of a job. Unfortunately, the western lack of personal preventative care necessitates what I do.

Anyhow, I know that you emailed for a simple design inquiry and instead you get some treatise on lifestyle. Sorry for that. If I get going on food, medicine, yoga, fiber consumption, or birth control, I’m basically unstoppable. Those are my 5 hot-button topics. I would love if the food people ate required less medical intervention. I am convinced that if everyone practiced yoga we’d have world peace. I am also convinced that the right fiber consumption would clear up some pretty gnarly personalities out there. And I think birth control is the best thing ever; better that sliced bread.

Geez I’m a weirdo. You’re a complete stranger.

All my best in your blogging endeavors. Hopefully someone will listen. If your blog influences positive change in just one person it will be a spectacular success. I truly believe that.

Be well,

Megan R.”

’nuff said.

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