The Clear Mind Diet – Food for a Healthy Mood

living in a good mood

How you eat has a major impact on your mood. For those with bipolar disorder, eating right is the ticket to a healthy and stable mood. This meal plan is designed to feed and nourish the brain tissue itself, provide the raw materials for development of neurotransmitters, avoid common food allergens, and balance and regulate blood glucose metabolism.

Light Up Your Vision With Lutein

light up your vision

Is your vision not what it used to be? Having a hard time seeing at night? Not ready to give up driving after dark? Perhaps lutein holds the solution for you.

Caffeine Withdrawal Now a Mental Disorder

caffeine withdrawal

If you are a committed coffee drinker or enjoy a few too many caffeinated sodas or drinks on the weekends and are considering modifying your habits, your morning routine and entire world as you know it now has new implications. You may be crazy.

The Amazing Benefits of Maca, and When Colors Matter

If you’re new to the term “superfood,” you may not have heard about maca yet. A superfood is what it sounds like – a food with super nutritional properties. Maca is an herb, and it’s definitely a superfood you should be aware of because of its amazing benefits, and more are constantly being discovered.

When Perfect Eating Eats Away At Us

Healthy living is simple, right? Eat right and exercise. Done and done. However, with the ever expanding information in nutritional science, and purveyors of specific dietary tribalism and dietetic dogma, a new challenge has arisen. A condition known as orthorexia nervosa is not even a diagnosis code yet, but it is indeed very real.

Prostate Health: A Fight Every Man Will Face

Every man who lives long enough will face prostate symptoms. All men will also see a decrease in testosterone levels as they age and many men will have difficulty controlling their blood sugar levels as the mechanisms that regulate it fail over time. Luckily, with a little attention, a man can maintain health despite the physiologic challenges of being a guy.

Can Eliminating Dairy Treat Ashtma?

Every parent who has a child with asthma has at some point felt helpless. Some integrative medical practitioners suggest reducing or avoiding milk and dairy products to support asthma treatment and the less specific Reactive Airway Disease (RAD). Dairy is known to thicken mucous and too much mucous in the lungs can cause attacks. In the last decade, more attention has been paid to dietary dairy sensitivity.