We all have crazy days and can’t be good all the time, and that’s why I love the 90/10 Rule: Be good 90% of the time and 10% forgive ourselves. Being flexible is key or we just might snap!

This Morselist has a confession to make.

Yesterday was one of those crazy busy days with appointments all overLos Angeles (and those of you who live here know how challenging it is getting around this massively spread out metropolis).

After my second appointment of five, my car decided not to start.


Not only was my battery dead, my tummy was screaming.

I called AAA Roadside Assistance and had to wait the obligatory hour to get a jump start. Jerry, the Tow Truck Driver, tested my battery and after getting my car started, instructed me to go straight to my mechanic.

Since it was two hours past my regular lunch time, I begged, like a strung out junkie, “Hey, Jer,  you think I could stop to get a bite to eat first?”

He quickly replied, “Not unless you want to deal with another dead battery again.”


During my hour wait for Jer to show up I had searched every compartment I used to stash snack foods, but, alas, my supply had run dry. I knew I shouldn’t have given my friend Jen my last bag of trail mix before our morning hike, but sheis pregnant, so I didn’t really have a choice, did I?

I even considered showing Jerry my cash and asking if he had any snacks I could buy, but he hopped in his truck so quickly, I never had the chance to say “good-bye.”

It was a 20-minute drive to my mechanic, and I had created a plan.

I would have to suck it up and find a drive thru.

hungry for food

This was an emergency and someone was going to get hurt unless I could raise my low blood sugar. (Just ask my boyfriend. Not a pretty sight.)

My curly hair had now morphed into Medusa and I shook with tremors.

Millions of thoughts raced through my mind. What will I tell my followers? Does this make me a hypocrite? What would Sally do? (Sally Who? Don’t ask!)

My mission was simple: find a drive thru, don’t turn off my motor, get the healthiest crap food I could find, eat, get to Miguel the mechanic, and fix my car.

With these doubts in my head I was determined that it would be ok this time. But luck was not on my side.

I drove down Burbank Blvdfor 20 minutes and could not find one drive thru!

In all of Los Angeles, here I was ready to succumb to Main Stream America’s #1 food of choice and I couldn’t find a friggin’ drive thru!

My heart raced.

My tummy turned.

My brain was bursting!




Never found one!

Finally made it to Miguel and he asked, “Are you OK, Mo?”


“Well, there’s a Wendy’s down the street.”

“Do they have a drive thru?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Never mind. I saw a Japanese Restaurant down the street. I’ll walk.”

Poor Miguel tried to reason with me.

“But nobody walks in L.A.?”

To which, I quickly snapped,

“Apparently nobody drives thru either.”

I was over it. I made my way to the Japanese Restaurant, after being accosted by a man wearing a yellow helmet and a pink skirt scolding me for jay walking.

He wasn’t wrong.

I was seated and immediately began chewing my chopsticks, pleading with my waiter, “Excuse me, do you have some dipping sauce for these?”

My poor waiter brought my food as quickly as she could.

Eventually I began to feel human again, but my body had gone into a frenzy.  I even ate some of their Coconut Ice Cream, my first bite of dairy in months.

…You know that vicious spiral you can spin into when you’re so hungry you can’t or won’t stop?

You just shovel food into your mouth?

I know what I looked like and it wasn’t pretty, but I was on a roll.  So there you have it.

I’m human and an ex-sugar addict and because of a dead battery and plain ol’ life, this Morselist has a bit of an icky tummy. Just wanted to share that we all have these kinds of days, and when I came home, I even wanted to continue my binge.

You know how we justify or figure, “Hey, I already ‘fell off the wagon’…what’s the point of being good?”

But I stopped myself because I wasn’t feeling great and did not want to continue that feeling.

I chose to make a healthy dinner with avocado, hemp seeds, sweet potatoes and kale.

For dessert, I made a Frozen Morselini Cocoa Zucchini Shake and it was so delicious!!

The Moral of the story?

We all have crazy days and can’t be good all the time, and that’s why I love the 90/10 Rule:
Be good 90% of the time and 10% forgive ourselves.

Being flexible is key or we just might snap!

Would I have felt so guilty over the Coconut Ice Cream if my tummy did not react so badly to it? Not sure…but the proof is in the puddin’!

Have a Morselicious Weekend!!! You guys ROCK!

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