Spreadable Dairy Free Cashew Cheese

dairy free cashew cheese

Nothing is better on a hot day, picnic or light meal on the patio than some crackers and dip or even tasty finger sandwiches. And you know what goes great on those? My easy, breezy, spreadable cashew cheese!

Cauliflower “Mac N’ Cheez”

dairy free cauliflower mac n cheez

I love my cauliflower mac n’ cheese as the cauliflower is used in place of pasta, making it naturally gluten free and sneaking in a great veggie!

Vegetarian Shroom & Bean Burgers (V,GF)

vegan mushroom bean burgers

It’s almost time for grilling season so why not have a little preview with these yummy and healthy bean burgers with grilled shrooms! Easily made gluten free these are packed with flavor as well as nutrients! Get grillin’ and start looking forward to warmer, sunnier days!

No Bake Chocolate Pie (V,GF)

vegan chocolate pie

This deliciously sinful chocolate pie won’t have you running to put on your beach coverup and it will definitely put a smile on your face while keeping your cooking time low so you can enjoy the sun!

Sweet N’ Savory Guacamole Cookies (DF,GF)

dairy free gluten free avocado cookies

Avocado and lime are like the creamy and tangy in any successful tea cookie combo. Add in the creaminess of the cashews, sweetness of the powdered sugar, and sea salt to draw out the “dulce” and you’ve got a fluffy, light and unique treat.

Healthy Flax Pie Crust

healthy flax seed pie crust

So it’s the time of year where indulging is abundant. What better way to indulge than a healthy, virtually guilt free version of a seasonal dessert like pie? A healthy, hearty crust is key to a delicious pie and flax crust not only does the job in the taste department but also packs a healthy punch.