Salmon and Vegetable Chowder (DF,GF)

by Kelli & Brad

Salmon Chowder Dairy and Gluten Free

Few things make me ok with the idea of it being winter like a good chowder. I came across a traditional seafood chowder recipe that looked really good so I experimented with it a few times to clean it up, and here’s what I got. It’s dairy and gluten free, and I don’t think anyone would be able to tell. When I’ve made it for Kelli and we’ll double this recipe, put one half in the fridge and another in the freezer just so we can enjoy it a little longer.

Have some fun with what vegetables you use. Potatoes are a common one for chowders, but I’ve had more fun experimenting with different types of squash that I’ve never used before (buttercup, ambercup, red kuri, etc). Yeah, they’re a crap load of work, but when you have the time, they’re worth it. If you’re using a hard squash variety that needs more cooking time, follow the directions for potatoes. Otherwise, peel and dice them up and add them with the broth.


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