As we come to the close of 2010, I’ve reflected on Fooduciary’s first calendar year: how and why we got started, and what we're doing now.

As we come to the close of 2010, I’ve reflected on Fooduciary’s first calendar year. 

Brad and I launched Fooduciary in May 2010.  We got our first real taste of how much food and nutrition impacts our health in August 2009 when I stumbled upon an 8-week detox diet that included permanent diet changes and we both jumped in.  We were amazed at how quickly and profoundly we both experienced huge relief from physical symptoms that had been ailing us for years, and that no other doctors had been able to successfully alleviate.  And things only got better from there.

Because some of my symptoms included hobbling around in pain, the absence of that could hardly go unnoticed by close family and friends.  We shared what we knew and what we’d learned, and we saw friends put the same principles into action and achieve similar results, even with very different illnesses.  We were thrilled.

 Because we got so many health and food-related questions, and because we loved learning all we could about clean eating and its impact on health, we started Fooduciary in May 2010.  We both worked full-time jobs in very demanding careers at the time, but we were dedicated to keeping up Fooduciary’s site on the side. 

 Near the beginning of November 2010, we decided to free up more time to devote to Fooduciary and also to take it mobile, so we sold almost everything we owned, packed up and left the country! We’ve been based in Costa Rica since, which is the first of many countries we’d like to visit. 

We love passing along what we know and what we learn about clean eating and healthy living to as many as we can reach.  It’s our desire to help others feel well and avoid or recover from illness.  We also love to share how yummy eating real food can be (through our posts and recipes). 

We appreciate your following along with us, your comments, and your sharing Fooduciary with others.  May your 2011 be filled with great health, great food, and great people.

 Happy New Year! 

–Brad & Kelli

2 thoughts on “Fooduciary’s First Year

  1. I remember eating food as a kid that did not make me feel yucky. I choose food now according to how it makes me feel. I find that it goes pretty much right along with much of what you recommend. It means getting rid of all the chemicals that are added to food, which stress the kidneys, liver, and pancreas, until they get tired and give up, and disease sets in. Nice work you guys. Keep it up.

    1. Hi Marsha, I really appreciate this comment. I completely agree about listening to our bodies about what we eat – that’s what it ultimately boils down to. We love sharing what we think is important and helpful information about eating, but in the end I’d always recommend each person eats what, when, and how much their body tells them to. Unfortunately it seems that many people’s eating habits have put them in a position where they don’t listen to or can’t hear what their body is trying to tell them (until it gives up and disease sets in). Have you ever experienced or observed this? We hope that what we do share here will help people be able and want to listen to their bodies.

      And we’re glad you like the site – thanks for participating. We love to get feedback and get discussions going. Please keep visiting.


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