dairy and gluten free sweet potato shepherds pie

I remember a time at church when I was a kid that it was my turn to be the “spotlight” in the kids’ class. The teachers had called my mom during the week to find out a few of my favorite things. The way the teachers did the spotlight was to leave the kids guessing who was it. They’d have us all stand up, then as they read a bit of what they learned from the spotlight’s parents, the kids in the class would sit down if they heard something that wasn’t true about them.

As the teacher was going down the list and reading favorite color, hobby, birth place etc, I started getting the idea that it might just be me. Then they read the favorite food, “Shepherd’s Pie,” and all doubt was removed. This spotlight all mine!

Change my last name and it wouldn’t matter, it would still be my favorite food! To this day it’s a dinner that makes me happy. I’ve tried many variations different from my mom’s since I left the house, some I liked better, others I thought didn’t deserve the name. But that’s the beauty of the Shepherd’s Pie, you can put whatever vegetables you like in it.

This recipe below is an adaptation of a recipe by Karina, aka The Gluten Free Goddess. It has become my favorite. My taste buds have changed over the years, and my brain also knows that sweet potatoes offer the most nutrition of any potato, so using them instead of regular white potatoes is a given.

This is definitely a dinner worthy of a spotlight mention.


photo credit: cygnoir cc


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