Spinach and Chickpea Coconut Curry

by Kelli & Brad

Spinach and chickpea curry

This is a recipe we call our “curry in a hurry.” When the supply of already cooked food is running low and we come home from a busy day, this is a recipe that we can throw together really fast and still have a nutritious meal.

Yes, canned beans aren’t as good as fresh. But when you’re tired, it’s a cut-able corner. We typically have a fair amount of brown rice or quinoa in the fridge that’s already been cooked, but if not, just get it started in a rice cooker or on the back burner before starting the curry and they’ll be ready to go just about the same time.

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T Hollis April 3, 2012

“Curry in a Hurry” – I love it! Can’t wait to try this recipe & share it with everyone!


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