Raw Hummus (V,GF)

by Kelli & Brad

Raw hummus

During our last little bit in Costa Rica we met and stayed with a fellow foodie who lives in San Jose. She has been focused on a raw diet for a long time and we had a blast talking to her about food and learning some amazing recipes from her. Our two nights with her provided some of the best food we had in all of our three months in rice and beans land.

During our “layover” in Utah we’ve had a chance to try out some of the things we learned from her. Last week me made this hummus and it turned out AMAZING. We shared it with several people and the compliments and requests for the recipe kept rolling in. So, here it is. Enjoy!


Health Benefits:

Garbanzo beans provide a large amount of fiber, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full. This helps keep you at a healthy body weight. It also contains many antioxident phytonutrients, especially manganese.

Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds which are very high in several minerals like copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. It’s also high in manganese, vitamin B1, zinc and dietary fiber.

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Lea Taylor February 9, 2011

I eat so much hummus it is ridiculous! 😀


Kelli February 9, 2011

Hi, Leah. So, you’re a hummus connoisseur, eh? What’s your favorite kind? Do you typically buy it or eat it? Have you ever tried raw hummus before? I’d love to know your thoughts!




Shirley February 19, 2011

This is fantastic food!! I’m headed to the store to buy the ingredients and try making it on my own. I was the lucky taster of this recipe in Utah!


Kelli February 27, 2011

Thanks for letting us practice on you. 🙂 So glad you liked it, and I can’t wait to hear how yours turns out!


Kellie February 27, 2011

I wanted to try to make this but I couldn’t find the tahini. Where would I get some. I live in Vernal, UT and I’m clueless at where to find it. Thanks for your help.


Kelli February 27, 2011

Hi Kellie. It may not be available in Vernal, but I would check any health food stores or herb shops or any places like that you may have out there. If not, I would grab some the next time you’re in Salt Lake or you can get it from Amazon. Many Salt Lake groceries stores will carry it (I think most of the Harmons do, for example), and any health food stores in Salt Lake like Whole Foods, Good Earth, or Sunflower Market will have it as well.

Let me know where you find it. I hope it’s not too hard to get your hands on some!



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