Have you tried fermenting your own foods yet? Last summer when Kelli and I had just gotten back to the States from our round the world trip, we had the chance to listen to Donna Gates speak. She’s the complete know-it-all in regards to anything about digestive health. This lecture was what opened up our eyes to the value of fermented foods and eating probiotics rather than taking pills for them.

So with the knowledge we gained from her talk that night and from her Body Ecology book, we’ve become pretty good at making our own kimchi and coconut water kefir. That’s not to say we haven’t messed up a few batches that could make you drunk just by sniffing them!

We were lucky to stumble upon the Nourished Kitchen blog which is an incredible resource for recipes for fermented foods. I mean, sauerkrauts’s great and all, but it sure is nice to break out of a cabbage habit every once in a while. Here’s a fun example of what’s possible with fermenting foods. Tastes great, and incredibly good for your overall health in more ways than imaginable.

This relish is rich in beneficial, lactic-acid-producing bacteria which naturally preserve the dish, ensuring that it will keep for approximately six weeks or longer when refrigerated.

Check out Nourished Kitchen

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