Mushroom Chickpea Burgers with Baked Sweet Potato Fries (V,GF)

by Kelli & Brad

mushrrom chickpea burgers with sweet potato fries

Of course the the 4th put us in the mood for grilling and burgers this week. We’re not opposed to burgers from organic grass fed beef on occasion, but if you can make a burger that’s just as satisfying yet loaded with healthy ingredients, why not?

This recipe is a bit of a two-step process because of the cooling time required, so you have to plan ahead. But the cooling time allows the patties to be firm enough so you can actually cook them on a grill without them falling apart. (Laying a sheet of tin foil under them on the grill still wouldn’t hurt. 🙂 They were perfect for the outdoor cooking this week, and they look and smell so good that you might get a few envious glances your way from your grilling friends.

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