Gluten Free Japanese Curry (V,GF)

by Kelli & Brad

gluten free japanese curry

A few years ago I went on a business trip to Tokyo and spent a week being shown around by a friend from Sri Lanka. His name was Tilac, and he worked as the head chef for the Dutch embassy in Japan. He happened to have some time off while his diplomat boss was home for vacation, and as you can imagine, food was a core element of my time there.

Tilac LOVED curry. He told me a family in Sri Lanka eats curry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and could go a whole year without using the same curry twice. I’m not quite sure I love curry enough to try that experiment, but my palate was amazed at every single dish he had us try.

One of my favorite curries is the traditional Japanese dish. It’s a thicker curry with a deep flavor. And if you’ve been scared away from curry because of the spiciness of Indian versions, Japanese curry is a milder version that can offer a safe entrance into the world of curry without searing off your taste buds! Tilac really wanted his Sri Lankan version to be everyone’s favorite, but he lost his case when our tongues still functioned after eating the Japanese kind. 🙂

Many people will make Japanese curry from flavor bricks rather than making their own roux, and even many restaurants go this route. Those bricks, however, are loaded, and I mean loaded, with cancer-causing MSG as well as other chemicals, so don’t think for a second about cheating and going with that route.

Make this dish vegan by just doubling the veggies, adding in others like cauliflower, and using olive oil (or Earth Balance) instead of ghee. Chicken, beef, or pork would be the common route. We wanted to experiment with lamb and found that it took this curry to another level of deliciousness.

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