organic heirloom seeds
We are very excited to introduce our next giveaway. After the excitement for the coconut oil giveaway we asked you on Facebook whether we should give away another gallon of coconut oil or offer these organic heirloom seeds and the overwhelming response was for the seeds. So based on the democratic demand of our readers, let's give away some heirloom seeds!

organic heirloom seeds

We are very excited to introduce our next giveaway. After the excitement for the coconut oil giveaway we asked you on Facebook whether we should give away another gallon of coconut oil or offer these organic heirloom seeds and the overwhelming response was for the seeds. So based on the democratic demand of our readers, let’s give away some heirloom seeds!

Could you feed your family from your garden if you *had* to? What if you simply decided you wanted to?

This emergency survival seed vault was created to serve that very purpose. The vault contains 20 varieties of easy-to-grow heirloom vegetable seeds.

What’s so special about heirloom seeds? Most produce grown in conventional agriculture, and most home gardens, comes from hybrid seeds. This is done to increase yield as well as select for desirable traits…that perfect head of lettuce or a cosmetically appealing tomato.

The issue with hybrid plants is that the desired trait is unlikely to manifest in a second generation of planting. That means that if you want the same results you are forced to return to the seed company to purchase seeds their seeds year after year. Hybridization also contributes to the decreasing variety of plant species grown throughout the world.

Before continuing we need to note, don’t confuse hybrids with GMOs. Hybrids mate compatible species, just at an accelerated breeding pace. GMO’s involve a process of taking genes from two very incompatible species and splicing them to create entirely new creations. Both involve human manipulation, but the hybrid breeding process is simply a sped up, targeted practice that anyone could do with two plants in their backyard. GMOs require expensive equipment run by genetic scientists determined to follow in Dr. Frankenstein’s footsteps.

Back to heirlooms. Heirlooms are the pinnacle of natural and sustainable. They’ve been around for a long time (prior to the 1950’s is a generally accepted definition), are not patentable, have often been passed down for generations, and are easily harvested and stored for future use. And based on personal experience, they taste a heck of a lot better too.

Having a storage of heirloom seeds gives you confidence in knowing that you could plant your seeds this year, eat the produce, store the new seeds for the following season, and continue this process indefinitely. You have security independence. And even if the zombie apocalypse never happens, you’ll have a garden that’ll kick out some amazingly delicious veggies. πŸ™‚

How to Enter to Win

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The contest will close at midnight central time on June 23rd. We’ll announce the winner right here on this page on June 24th and you’ll have one week to claim your prize so stay tuned!

Ready? Go!!

PLEASE NOTE: We will only send the actual product to US residents only. If you live outside of the US, we will send you a $40 Amazon gift card.

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UPDATE: It’s time for the best part of the giveaway! We’re so excited to tell you…

The winner is…

Angela K.! (husky359@…)

Congratulations Angela. Please send your mailing address within 7 Days to “feeds at fooduciary dot com” and we’ll get your prize in the mail.

We wish we could make you all winners. We really do appreciate you joining our little contest and supporting us in our little mission to improve the way the world eats. When one giveaway ends another one starts. Be sure to check out our newest giveaway for a Vanilla Extract and Hemp Seed Prize Pack.

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99 thoughts on “Closed: Organic Heirloom Seeds Survival Vault

  1. We enjoy growing tomatoes although our garden doesn’t produce very well. We’re always trying to improve our garden to help it grow. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I don’t garden yet, but I am hoping to start & this would really help! I think that onions are a great thing to grow, because they are so versatile & used in so many recipes.

  3. Thanks for this giveaway! I am looking forward to starting my own garden. I would love to grow my own squash, beets, spinach and onions.

  4. I have tomato and squash planted now. Allmost all my squash died in the latest storm.. :/ Anyways, I REALLY need to plant more and get our stock built up. I’ve never planted anything before this year and have killed all the plants I’ve tried to take care of. I really need video tutorials or a helper to show me what I should do. πŸ˜›

  5. I’m best at growing the easy stuff like squash and cucumbers. This year I thought the greens weren’t going to come up but I was wrong. I actually have kale and chard growing this year. Since I don’t have a green thumb really, I’m hoping it will survive. lol

  6. It seems we are best at growing strawberries, asparagus, garlic and chives. Usually tomatoes do well, but this year we are having trouble.

  7. Me and tomatoes get along well. They can take overwatering, under watering and still produce. One of my favorites to grow πŸ™‚

  8. I garden every year and most of the time, the wildlife gets it all before we do, but my favorite plant to grow is acorn squash. It is slow to mature, so that means I can check on it every few days. And it is prolific in it’s growth, so it can take over one bed, which means no weeding. And because it produces so much fruit, we have squash all fall and winter!

  9. I grow a garden and love being able to fill my pantry in the fall with food I know where it was grown, how it was grown and exactly what is in the jar on the shelf. I especially like growing tomatoes.

  10. I LOVE to garden, although I haven’t been able to in a few years. Right now I have mini-greenhouses of herbs, lettuces, and tomatoes sitting in my bathroom waiting to go into windowboxes.

  11. This year is my first gardening experience, my greens are growing like crazy of course! And the peas and carrots are coming along nicely as well. It’s fun!

  12. Growing up my father always had a garden and my brother and sister and me would help plant and water. We learned to earn the fruits of our labor early on. And id love to start a garden of my own. Right now I’m growing all kinds of herbs. πŸ™‚

  13. I don’t have a garden yet. I plan on putting in raised garden beds and starting one by next spring. Having a bunch of heirloom seeds would defiantly be pushing me in the right direction!

  14. Love this idea! A great way of getting people a start in growing the right kinds of food. Thank you

  15. Tomatoes and herbs. But most I haven’t had the room for much else. Eventually I want to be self sufficient and have them all be heirloom varieties.

  16. I like growing pumpkins. My sons love tending the ones they choose to carve later in the season and we love homemade pumpkin pie:)

  17. New to your site, it is Fantastic! Love the giveaway and I think it is great when sites do giveaways because we are made aware of your awesomeness! And now we will continue to read and share the great stuff you have πŸ™‚

  18. I don’t know which one I’d be best at since I’ve never had my own garden. We just bought a home and are going to start one…so I suppose I’ll find out soon, and this might help me πŸ™‚

  19. We are in the process of purchasing a new home and after almost 2 years of being without a garden, I can definitely say my cooking & eating habits are suffering! Can’t wait to get back in the dirt

  20. Ooops, forgot to answer! My favorite thing to grow is chard. It’s so easy and it just gives and gives.

  21. I find it a great challenge keeping the herbs which like dry soil alive from germination to maturity. I am a drowner of Cilantro (coriander)…and am presently reading “Gaia’s Garden”, for possible insights/references. All so I will do better with these delicate ones.

  22. My favorite thing to grow (and eat) is watermelon! Living in Arizona is great because we have 2 watermelon growing seasons each year : )

  23. I’m just getting into gardening this year (finally!) and I love it!!! These seeds would be great, because I would know for sure that they are healthy for our family!

  24. I love growing tomatoes and green beans. We just can’t seem to get enough! I refuse to buy them in the store.

  25. After learning my husband has throat cancer, I decided to stop buying all packaged foods and start growing whatever I can on my patio. I’ve got herbs, but would like to plant more vegetables!

  26. I love tomatoes…And I think that is what I am best at. Awesome giveaway!!! May be next year I will try a vertical garden. πŸ™‚

  27. We don’t have a garden this year, but I wish we did. I am usually good at peppers and tomatoes. I want to have a garden again to get away from the GMO veggies.

  28. I manage to grow herbs quite well, but I’d love to get better at producing veggies! Thanks for the contest!

  29. I am brand new to gardening/kitchen herb growing. This is perfect to help me out as I begin my journey.

  30. I love to grow tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes are so juicy and flavorful.The ones at the store don’t even taste right anymore. And besides they are fun to grow!

  31. I love to grow anything that will grow… Currently I have a variety of flowers, including a smuggled plumeria, and lots of veggies/herbs and strawberries πŸ™‚

  32. Tomatoes and peppers are my favorite/easiest to grow. Unfortunately, they’re all I have room for right now too- can’t wait to have more room to grow more food!

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