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Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse—it’s everywhere you look and not just during January. But guess what—you don’t have to live on juice alone or just fruits and vegetables to detox; a cleanse can take many forms. Simply cutting out wheat and sugar, both associated with inflammation, can constitute a cleanse. For some, simply ditching alcohol can be a cleanse. There are also a variety of botanicals that can aid the body in detoxification; for example, the herb milk thistle can help your body’s detox organ, the liver, function better.

Whether you’re juice fasting, lightening the sugar or fat load, or not making any dietary changes, there are herbs that can assist your body to work better and feel better. We spoke with Laurie Steelsmith, ND, author of Great Sex, Naturally (Hay House, 2012) for the lowdown.

“If you think about all the chemicals you are inadvertently exposed to each day, it can get overwhelming. The good news is that it is easy to give your body a break: first, minimize exposure; and second, give it a boost and clean it out with herbs, supplements and other means that you can incorporate into your daily life,” Steelsmith says.

If you want to help your body cleanse, then she suggests paying special attention to your liver, lung, skin, kidney and intestinal health. Here she offers some tips on how:

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