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by Kelli & Brad

earth balance spreads

Is this a familiar scenario? You find a recipe online, or one of your grandma’s favorite go-to bake sale recipes, and just by the title it sounds so good you know you want to try it out. You read the ingredients and see that it’s loaded with processed shortenings, margarine, or that “not-much-of-a-Miracle” fake mayonaise stuff. And since you’ve been reading Fooduciary and know that you’re supposed to avoid chemical “foods,” you’re stuck wondering what to use in place of that other junk.

If you still have that “rhymes-with-fiasco” (almost, if you’ll just work with me a little) shortening or a jar of the un-Miracle in your pantry, then it’s time to toss those out and give Earth Balance a try.

The first time we ever tried their coconut spread was in our dark chocolate brownie recipe, which it’s perfect for. And of course, since Earth Balance was kind enough to send us some free product recently, we knew just where to use that spread. And when Christmas rolls around, their Soy Nog is definitely a guilty pleasure that we’ll allow ourselves during the holiday season (ok, it happens more than once).

In full Fooduciary disclosure, we have to label Earth Balance products as a better alternative go-to when it’s time for a treat, but not necessarily crazy healthy. Just by their nature of being oil based it’s not meant to be something you eat tons of on a regular basis (though these are oils that are much healthier than what’s in the conventional options). Unfortunately they don’t make an unsweetened non-dairy milk, and for some reason they sweeten their peanut butter as well as add palm oil to it, which is a bit confusing. And lastly, we don’t eat a whole lot of soy other than the traditional, fermented types (miso, tempeh, natto, tofu, etc), but all Earth Balance products are certificed organic so you know there are no GMO soy beans in any of their stuff.

That said, their baking products, and that Soy Nog, are perfect for treat time. And – if you’re like Brad – you have fond memories of spreading that fake un-Miracle mayo on your sandwich bread, the Earth Balance Mindful Mayo is definitely a much better alternative.

Check out all the Earth Balance products here.

Ready to try some? We’ve got four free product coupons to giveaway, so we’ll have four lucky winners. Not bad, eh? All sorts of easy ways to enter. Good luck!

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