We’re always looking for good snacks that make it easy to take something healthy along with us to work or on road trips so we don’t get stuck in a desperate situation somewhere with nothing decent to eat. And there are few food bars that measure up because most are filled with processed protein isolates or a ton of sugar.

So when we see a bar that’s made with only real, straightforward ingredients, we stock up! And this time we’re lucky enough to try out the GoodOnYa bars and share them with all of you.

Kristen, the founder and creator of theGoodOnYa bars, is a certified nutritionist, a café owner, and a former Olympic athlete. So she’s serious about real food and real energy. She said, “Our bodies are designed to eat unprocessed, organic food. Real food. When we created our bar we went to the co-op and picked out a bunch of nuts and seeds. We had maple syrup at home so we chopped up the nuts in a food processor, mixed it all together, added a little celtic sea salt and vanilla. We put some dark chocolate, and there you have it…a bar. That’s what we tell people to do when we meet them at events. Make your own…it’s easy. If you look at the back of some other bars you would need a lab to be able to make them. You don’t even need an oven for ours.”

Kristen’s also passionate about educating people about the value of good fats and the dangers of processed foods, including sugar.

“When a person at my café tells me to take off the avocado from their sandwich I tell them that avocados are from nature. It’s the GOOD fat, it’s a fruit with a TON of fiber and it’s the richest source of glutathione you can eat. And when they say our bars have too much fat I ask them if they think almonds are healthy. “Sure” they say, “everyone knows that.” Well, a cup of almonds has 47g of fat. If someone looked at the white nutritional panel they would never touch an almond again. That is how we were trained. It just doesn’t make any sense. People won’t eat an avocado but they will get Fat Free Baked Lays Potato Chips.”

“On the back of all packaged food we are trained to look at the white nutritional panel. The numbers. How much fat? How many calories? For 50 years we have been looking at fat and calories. And look at our country! We are fat! The low fat diet has already been debunked in modern nutritional science. It’s dangerous on a cellular level, and it’s dangerous to our brains, joints, hormones and overall health. It’s NOT the fat, IT’S THE SUGAR!”

Does that sounds like someone Fooduciary can get behind or what? We’re happy to be working with a company with a founder who is passionate about educating people about proper eating in a way that makes sense, and providing a food product to make it easy.

We tried out the three original flavors: Breakfast Bar, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Honey. All of them are made with real, healthy ingredients, and just like Kristen said, you could make these on your own if you wanted, and had the time. They’re straight up real ingredients. Besides the natural ingredients, what makes these bars superior to the common energy bar is the sweeteners used. The Breakfast Bar has maple syrup, and the other two are made with honey. And everything is certified organic.

All three of the flavors we tried taste fantastic. The chocolate version got a bit messy cause we let it get a little warm first and that was a mistake. So if you’re carrying it around in your purse outside on a warm day, or leaving it in your car, or leaving it in your pocket too long (yeah, that was Brad), then be prepared with a few napkins on hand. The honey bar didn’t get as messy, but it was still pretty sticky. Besides Brad being so anxious to eat them and not letting them sit in the fridge for a bit first, the dark chocolate bar was definitely Kelli’s favorite.

As far as flavor (and cleanliness 🙂 ) go, the Breakfast Bar was definitely Brad’s fav.

We’re already seeing these at the Whole Foods Markets and other natural food stores here in town, so the good news is they’re spreading fast.

Now the fun part…get some bars! Every Fooduciary reader is entitled to free shipping on any size order at TheGoodOnyaBar.com. Just enter the coupon code “fooduciary” during checkout. Code is good through the end of 2012.

And one lucky reader will get a free 3-flavor sample pack of GoodOnYa bars. There are several different ways you can enter, and you can do one or all. The more you do, the more chances you have to win.

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5 thoughts on “Closed – the GoodOnYa bar – “every ingredient matters”

    1. Hey guys, thanks for the comments and checking out our bar!!!
      Wendy, I feel your pain with you son, I am GF too and it’s hard for me b/c as a former athlete we were fed pasta, sandwiches, pizza etc all to get those complex carbs in us. I played for the Olympic Field Hockey team, so at the highest level, and we were fed garbage!

      I do eat a lot of salads, not sure if he’s into that, but you can really beef them with good raw cheese, any veggies he likes, and tons of organic meat. Applegate Farms has good turkey, rb, ham, salami etc. Hard boiled eggs and then find his favorite dressing and let him slather it on! We are really missing those good fats in our diet.
      Hopefully he will like some nice organic olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

      i also eat a lot of apples and peanut butter or almond butter. That will fill him up too.

      They do make some GF wraps, but they often don’t have the best ingredients. I have yet to find an organic one without GMO ingredients.

      Have him check out

      and you can check out


      good luck!!!

      and of course… throw in any veggies he likes, apple, and a GoodOnYa Bar and that will fill him up for sure!

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