The cool guys at Superfood Snacks sent us a couple bags of their awesome snacks to try, and they’re even cool enough to let us giveaway a four-flavor raw chocolate sampler pack to one of our awesome readers!

The snacks are delicious, and besides being made of ingredients we all can identify, the ingredients are primarily superfoods full of valuable nutrition. We tried the Chocolate Goji Treats and the Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy. With ingredients like goji berries, brazil nuts, raw cacao, mango, maca, chia seeds, Incan berries and more…there was just no way we weren’t going to like these things. Eat one in the morning and you’ll have all the energy you need to get through a busy work day.

The packaging says it best. “This is not candy.” These snacks are serious business. Seriously good, and seriously good for you.

To enter our giveaway and try them for yourself, just leave a comment on this page telling us why you love healthy snacks and would like to try Superfood Snacks, share this page on Facebook, and that’s it. We’ll use to pick a winner next Thursday and announce it here. Good luck!

Check out all the killer snacks at Superfood Snacks.

3 thoughts on “Closed – Superfood Snacks: The Original Source

  1. As a recent “convert” to clean eating, I am always on the lookout for healthy, delicious treats. These Superfood Snacks sound wonderful. I can’t wait to try them

  2. Hi!! I am on this whole eat clean principle but sometimes I do get cravings.. are there certain things you suggest for those times for cravings?

    1. Cravings are totally normal. We all get them. The problem is getting caught with no good alternatives on hand. We always travel with snacks on hand…nuts, healthy whole food bars, maybe even some turkey jerky. No refrigerator needed. So the bottom line is, it takes a little planning ahead, but you’ll maintain control if you do so. And, if it’s a sweets craving, it’s possible you still have a sugar addiction going. Try going cold turkey for two weeks with absolutely no form of sugar other than fruit, and even cut back on those a bit. This includes alternative sweeteners like stevia. See if you can’t knock out those cravings for good!

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