This is a fancy title for a dish that is basically just a lot of veggies chopped up and roasted together. But in saying that, I don’t want to downplay how delicious this tastes. Roasting the veggies in olive oil with relatively few seasonings really brings out the flavor of these fresh summer veggies.

Our new ChopWizard that we just bought last week made this recipe go ten times faster. I LOVE this gadget! It greatly reduced the prep time of this mostly-chopped-vegetable dish, making it fun to make as well as eat. Here’s a little something special we decided to try with this, with great results: when there were 10 minutes left to cook, we broke an egg for each of us right on top of the vegetables, then put the pan back in the oven. When it was done, we each scooped out a serving of the egg and all the veggies underneath. Very tasty! I highly recommend it if you eat eggs.

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