We had some fun this weekend. It’s a great time when we can make a mess in the kitchen and experiment with new foods and cooking styles, and yeah, we made a mess.

The recipe we decided to try out came from raw foodie Penni Shelton, as shared on TheBlenderGirl.com. I’ve always loved a good chile relleno. Another great feature about Austin is that it’s easy to find organic, dairy free versions at several places in town. But this version takes it to another level, being loaded with very nutrient dense ingredients and forgoing the traditional high-temperature roasting.

We don’t have a dehydrator (yet…it’s on the vision board) so we just did a bit of low-temperature baking in the oven. It worked beautifully, and is even a more practical approach for most people. The mole sauce was a bit dull for us, so we changed a few things there, and we added a helping of Cashew Chipotle sauce, cause,
why not? Here’s the show, with our minor tweaks and additions.

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