Plantain Soup Clean Eating Style

by Kelli & Brad

plantain soup clean eating style

As Brad and I traveled around the world last year, we fell in love with plantains. Our first exposure to them was the traditional Costa Rican variety…deep fried in unhealthy oil and served with your rice and beans, which had aslo been cooked in the same oil. Even though our stomachs hurt afterwards, we could still admit they tasted good.

So we had fun with them on our own. A nearly ripe plantain pan fried with a little coconut oil is heavenly. And unlike what most Americans first reaction might be, they’re delicious in savory dishes, like rice and beans.

In Puerto Viejo in Southeastern Costa Rica, the cooking was even more traditional – a Caribbean style. That’s where we got our first taste of plantain soup. With a little research and experimentation I came up with this clean eating recipe that takes me right back to that little town every time I taste it.

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