Gluten Free Vegetable Pot Pie (V,GF)

by Kelli & Brad

Gluten free vegetable pot pie

On a rare occasion Kelli or I will find a recipe that makes us go, “Ooh, I want to try that, and look, we don’t even have to change anything to clean it up.” Those are happy days, more so when we make it and it tastes just as good as we had hoped.

That was the case with this recipe for Pot Pie. Well, almost. The original called for chicken, and we’re not big chicken people, so we just didn’t add it. But you certainly could. Either way it’s fantastic.

This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, and it can also be Paleo friendly if you use the cauliflower option and a grain free topping/or no topping at all.


Recipe created by Danielle at Fresh4Five

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