Food from a farm, not a factory.

by Brad

Clean Food

After a couple years of wondering how to eat better, my transformation started with Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma. It was this book that made me choose to withdraw from industrial food. Overnight I chose to only eat whole foods and if there was a label on it, I had to be able to understand what all the ingredients were.

Pollan’s book shook me. It made me think about what I was putting on my plate and if I really wanted that meal in front of me. It made me think about the implications of what it took to get that food to my home. From there, my journey has been one of slow and steady progression as I seek to understand more about what I’m eating and what it does to my body. Think about it…is there any other hands-on activity that you do more than eat? I mean, is there any other manual activity that you do at least three times a day? If it’s that big a part of our lives, isn’t it worth taking the time to make sure we’re doing it right?!

So the journey continues. No industrialized food for me. I want it real. I want my food from a farm, not a factory.

About the author...

 discovered the benefits of natural food when he watched a loved one go from poor health to full well-being after adapting a clean food diet. Such an event opened his eyes to the power of clean foods and fueled his motivation to help others eat the best way possible for their body.

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