I love dessert - what can I say? The best is when I discover something that satisfies my craving for something I don't eat anymore. This is similar to tapioca pudding - but even better!

If you like tapioca pudding, you’re going to love this pudding. Even if you don’t like tapioca, give this a try. Even little kids love it. It’s a great healthy dessert recipe without being too sweet, rich, or heavy. And it’s almost entirely raw if you use raw agave and make your own non-dairy milk.

Note: For all phases of the Clean Eating Healthy Detox Diet, omit the agave nectar (for Phase 1 omit the berries).

Health Benefits:

Chia seeds are a superfood. They are a great source of Omega 3 fats, which help reduce inflammation and do other amazing things for your body. They also have respectable amounts of protein, antioxidents, fiber, and calcium.

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