On the search for a good protein powder when you want to avoid dairy and soy.

Sunwarrior Vegan Protein
Almost all the protein Brad and I consume is plant-based. When people ask me where I get my protein from if I don’t eat very much meat, I answer their question with a question: where do cows get their protein? Protein sources for vegetarians are not hard to come by, and it’s definitely possible to derive your protein needs from plants. But healthy cows that get all their protein and nutrients from grasses spend all day eating. Eating non-stop is a luxury most of us don’t have, so it’s helpful to consolidate some of our nutrients, especially protein. Enter vegan protein powder.

Protein powders have always been a helpful solution, but when you look at the ingredients list for most protein powders you’ll find they derive their protein from dairy sources, especially whey and casein. The most common plant-based protein powder derives its protein from soy. Soy protein isolates are typically extracted from genetically modified (GMO) soybeans using a chemical process. This makes it one of the cheapest vegetarian protein sources and explains why it’s found in the most common plant-based protein powders. And with continued debate about the safety of soy isolates right now, why not choose another option that is proven to be healthy?

We were thrilled to come across the relatively new to market Sun Warrior brand organic protein powder a little while ago. What my body likes about Sun Warrior protein is how good it tastes and how well it keeps my body feeling satisfied. It’s honestly one of the best protein shakes I’ve had. Drinking it after a hard workout gives me the fuel to recover well and to be ready for the next day’s challenge.

What my brain likes about Sun Warrior protein – and why I recommend it to everyone – is that Sun Warrior protein is 100% organic, raw, sprouted and completely vegan. Sun Warrior uses no heat, chemicals, or acids during its extraction process. They use organic enzymes and thus can legitimately claim to be 100% organic. Using this process on sprouted brown rice leaves all of the antioxidants and other essential nutrients fully intact and ready to go to work for you with an unprecedented amount of nutrients and phytonutrients.

It’s possible to find other brown rice-based protein powders or hemp protein powders out there. I’ve yet to find one that didn’t make me think someone slipped a bag of sand into the mix. Sun Warrior organic protein powder tastes great, and it’s amazing how quickly and how well it mixes into any liquid. The powder itself is super fine, which may be the one part of this powder that I don’t like since I’ve wasted a bit of it as a poof of air or a strong exhale will blow some of it out of the shaker cup and onto the counter. I’ve had a couple friends say that it can be a little chalky tasting which I can definitely see, but even those who say that still enjoy drinking it. It’s one of the best sources of protein for me during my day.

I’m sure you’ll love it but be careful as you’re opening it up and mixing it: hold your breath…it’s gonna be good! vegan protein powder

4 thoughts on “Searching for a Good Tasting Vegan Protein Powder

  1. I have had this same problem for a long time but i have searched a lot and finally my friend suggested to me protein powder from energyfirst.com and it’s working. I am feel so much better using that. So i’d like to suggest that as well. Thanks.

    1. Thanks John. That looks like a good one. They’re using milk from grass fed cows so that is a huge plus. That would work if you’re ok with dairy, and as long as there is no casein listed as the ingredient then I would feel ok about drinking it. But I still feel more comfortable recommending a protein powder with no dairy in it whatsoever.

  2. Very good point about cows and protein. I guess people getting their protein from cows is also all about consolidation, eh? And what about cost? Is it possible to compare the cost of 100 grams o’ hamburger protein vs. 100 grams of Sun Warrior protein dust?

    Also, what do you know about Metagenics? Leah’s naturopath has just put her onto some of their stuff.

    Buena suerte para el martes!


    1. Hi Kevin. You bring up a really good point about the cost of food or even nutrients. From my experience and from what I’ve learned, there are a lot of hidden costs to cheaper foods. Check out this recent post for more explanation.

      I’ve actually used several Metagenics products. They are really good products (supplements) and I would recommend them.

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