I had lunch with one of my best friends today. He’s the real kind of friends, the kind that will tell you when you’re wrong and need to change, and talk about real things, not just the latest news and sports updates. I’ve got tons of those “friends” but only a couple real friends.

His wife recently went through some intense struggles that were all tied back to a prescription her doctor gave her for Restless Leg Syndrome. This particular group of synthetic chemicals, marketed at Myropex, caused almost a complete change in personality. She didn’t enjoy life anymore, she had to force herself to be interested in her children, and she picked up habits that were not part of this woman’s world before. After months and months of agony for her and stress for my friend, they were finally able to discover that all of these issues were coming from the Myropex. Weaned her off the Myropex and guess what, my friend got his wife back and she got her life back.

When a doctor wants to talk drugs before he’ll talk about nutrition and lifestyle, doesn’t that make you worry? If these medicines were intended to “cure,” then why is there never an end in sight where you’re supposed to stop taking them? If the list of potential side effects sounds worse than what might happen to you in a Mexican jail cell, then why would you take it?

So many of the issues that plague Americans could be cured – cured, not patched over – if they would stop to look at what is the root cause of the issue. And guess what…it almost always points back diet and nutrition. That’s why I want my food real.

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  1. I have read this article with such hope! you have found the root cause for RLS? What foods should I eat to make mine go away? oh I am so happy to know there is hope out there! thank you thank you. Katie

    1. Katie, we’re glad this gives you hope. Yes, there is hope and yes, you have options! For a condition like RLS, the healthy detox protocol we offer on our site could be very useful to you. For more customization and to dig in deeper, we always recommend folks with a specific chronic condition to work with a functional medicine MD. These are MD’s who understand Western and traditional approaches, using the Western only as needed rather than as the default, with the goal of restoring your body to full health. You’ll get a long conversation about your health status, your history, and a plan of attack. You can visit http://www.functionalmedicine.org/ to find a practitioner near you.

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