What countries drink the most soda? And should we tax those drinks?

Here’s an article to make your toes curl:

The world has many words, and an unshakable thirst, for carbonated soft drinks. Since 1997 per capita consumption has nearly doubled in eastern Europe. In 2008 Coca-Cola tallied soda sales in some 200 countries. Even the global recession, says industry monitor Zenith International, has merely caused manufacturers to lean on promotional offers and try cheap social networkings ads.

But some are sour on all this sweetness. U.S. obesity expert David Ludwig calls aggressive marketing in emerging nations – where people tend to eat more and move less as they prosper – “deeply irresponsible. That’s the time of greatest risk for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.”

As that thinking catches on, places including New York and Romania are mulling levies on sugared drinks. Others argue that taxing a single product isn’t the fix; promoting healthy lifestyles and zero-calorie drinks is. Fizz for thought?

-Jeremy Berlin, National Geographic

I don’t have any taxing authority, but promoting healthy lifestyles is what Fooduciary is all about. And zero-calorie drinks, like water, are great! Let’s leave the calorie-replacing chemicals out.

12-ounce servings per person, 2008
U.S. 529
Mexico 501
Malta 425
Czech Republic 413
Chile 391
Norway 381
Australia 377
Iceland 333
Canada 311
Belgium 300

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