Milk, the perfect food…

by Kelli

Baby calves should be drinking from a cow, not humans

…if you’re a baby cow.

How many times has someone asked you, “Well if you don’t drink milk, where do you get your calcium?” Hmmm, where does the mother cow get its calcium? Plants maybe?

The USDA, prompted by the Federal Trade Commission, called together a group of scientists to evaluate the claims of the dairy industry’s ads that are part of the “Got Milk?” campaign. The scientists found no data that milk builds bones or prevents osteoporosis, but did find a link between milk and heart disease and cancer.

So if you’re lactose intolerant, consider yourself lucky.

An interesting documentary about the dangers and issues with dairy was made by a filmmaker in the UK. As part of the publicity campaign, she posed for a rather dramatic picture. It’s a bit shocking but it makes the point really clearly. Only click on this one if you have a sense of humor. 🙂 Drinking another species’ breast milk is really weird.

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, diagnosed with an auto-immune disease as a child, has always paid close attention to her health. But when that disease went beyond the care of traditional care medicine, she found answers, and healing, through lifestyle improvements and working with a functional medicine doctor.

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