Coconut Flax Cakes with Cashew and Chocolate Sauce (V,GF,R)

by Kelli & Brad

raw, vegan, gluten free coconut flax cakes

On Saturdays Brad and I like to spend a little time experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with recipes to share on here. It’s not unheard of that what was supposed to be a breakfast meal turns into lunch. That was the case this Saturday.

After a later night out with friends on Friday night, we woke up late to a lazy Saturday morning. The idea of coming up with a pancake-ish type breakfast, but not using any flours at all, sounded fun. So we spent a good while playing around with this idea and by lunch time, we were finally ready to eat!

The cakes by themselves are pretty tasty and make for a very filling and fueling breakfast, but it was fun to top them with some of our favorite toppings we’ve made in the past. Of course the toppings are optional and you can use your own fancy creation or just a drizzle of honey if you’d like. However you do it, these cakes will surprise you with how long it takes you to feel hungry again.

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