The good-for-you bacteria

Bacteria can be good for you. True, this may be the opposite of what you’ve learned, but probiotics – an assortment of beneficial bacteria – may be just the thing to help keep you robust all year round.

Eating healthy on the road

So it was a fantastic trip, with only a couple missteps along the way as we tried to eat our best. We have our preparation and the ability to web search on my phone to thank for it. I little planning, and you can take eating healthy with you wherever you go.

Lamentations of a pharmacy rep

Recently I was seeking help for design work on our blog. One of the designers we contacted spent some time looking at our blog and sent a very interesting reply. With her permission, here’s a portion of what she wrote: “…I like your blog. Love Skinny Bitch. I’ve read it and listened to it twice. […]

Beneficial bugs

After all your hard work – planting, weeding, watering and caring for your garden – the last thing you want to see is an infestation of harmful pests wreaking havoc. But before you reach for the pesticide, consider the side affects.

Raising vegetarian kids?

So you’ve decided to raise your kids vegetarian, or your older child has chose that vegetarian is the way of life for him. What are some things to consider?

Regrets of choosing vegetarian

Today I attended a business luncheon at a fancy hotel in town. The meal started off great with a huge wedge of lettuce with tomatoes and peppers. They were considerate enough to keep the blue cheese crumbles and the dressing on the side. Even hotels can learn. When the main dish came I was not […]

Weirdest salad I ever saw

One of my favorite meals that she makes is a dish called Black Bean Sweet Potato Enchiladas. Make it on Saturday and you’ve got leftovers for a week. So tonight’s dinner – my creation – was an attempt to mix it up a little.