Ok, this is going to be the most direct product recommendation we’ve ever done, but we were excited enough about this sale for our own selfish reasons that we figured we had to share it. It’s the first time we’ve seen a site wide sale like this.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that we really like Vital Choice and recommend them highly. They’re the first place we turn for salmon, scallops, fish oil, and vitamin D (still want to try their chocolate and berries : ). We love them because of their super high quality and commitment to sustainable fishing. It’s cool knowing that they’re so environmentally and health conscious, and they certain everything so you know there’s no mercury contamination.

I didn’t know it, but evidently February is Healthy Heart month. And since all of Vital Choice’s products are good for the heart, they’re doing a 15% discount off everything they sale. Yeah, we’re stocking up. You just have to use HappyHeart12 as the promo code during checkout.

If you read our review on their seafood, fish oil, or on their vitamin D supplements, but weren’t ready to take the plunge because of the price, now’s a great time to try them out.

Alright, excuse the forwardness. Won’t happen again, at least for a really long time. 😉

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