Dr. Hyman's new book, The Blood Sugar Solution, is designed to help readers enhance their metabolic and overall health, with the focus on achieving and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

As our long-time readers know, it was Dr. Mark Hyman’s work, Ultraprevention in particular, that laid the ground work for Kelli’s ability to beat rheumatoid arthritis. We continue to follow and support Hyman’s work and highly value his opinion when we read conflicting messages about certain topics. He’s been a major influence in the Fooduciary philosophy.

Now, Dr Hyman – who’s become a regular on the Dr. Oz Show – presents The Blood Sugar Solution, an easy, practical plan for enhancing metabolic health and overall well-being.

Alarmingly, one in two Americans now show signs of blood sugar trouble. And this includes people who may feel and look relatively fit.

Why do so many of us need a “blood sugar solution?”

America’s epidemic of metabolic/ blood-sugar dysfunction
Metabolic conditions – diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and liver dysfunctions – now kill and cripple many more Americans than cancer and infectious diseases combined.

Doctors coined the term metabolic syndrome or MetS to describe the cluster of signs that raise the risk of developing one or more of these common metabolic disorders.

You are considered to have MetS if you show any three of these six signs:
abdominal obesity, hypertension, sticky blood, an unhealthful blood fat/cholesterol profile, inflammation in the blood, and high blood sugar levels.

We have ample evidence that exercise, whole-food diets, and a more healthily balanced intake of two key fatty nutrients – omega-3 fats from fish and omega-6 fats from vegetable oils – can help deter the key components of MetS.

MetS…avoiding the first step on an unhealthy path
Many people have what may be the two most dangerous of the six signs of metabolic syndrome – extra pounds, especially around the belly, and elevated blood sugar.

The combination of a bulging belly and crumbling blood sugar control can mean that your body is becoming insulin resistant, which promotes weight gain, diabetes, fatigue, mental fog, depression, and chronic inflammation.

And what may begin as a modest rise in blood sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, dementia, and premature death.

Dr. Hyman’s new book, The Blood Sugar Solution, is designed to help readers enhance their metabolic and overall health, with the focus on achieving and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

In the book he outlines an easy, natural, drug-free way to reverse high blood sugar…and in some cases, diabetes itself.

The Blood Sugar Solution provides a step-by-step plan based on cutting edge research and his own work with more than 10,000 patients.

Dr. Hyman explains how you can rebalance seven key systems in your body one easy step at a time, to bring about normal blood sugar, ideal weight, and true health for life…a state he calls UltraWellness.

The book begins with a series of self-quizzes based on the evidence and his decades of clinical experience to reveal each reader’s blood sugar challenges and custom solutions.

Your answers will provide you with a personalized set of dietary, lifestyle, and supplementation recommendations to implement one at a time during the 8-week program.

We join with many nutrition-savvy doctors and researchers in recommending The Blood Sugar Solution.

Dr. Hyman’s book is a particularly credible, practical guide to enjoying a healthier, happier life…while still enjoying plenty of delicious food!

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