We’ve decided to unpack our bags and put away our suitcases…for now.  We’re in Austin, Texas, and people are starting to ask why we slowed the travel and how we chose Austin.

From what we’ve seen of the world, there may be very few places around the globe that are as friendly to the clean eating crowd as Austin. It didn’t take long to realize after rolling into town that real-food options are a big part of this city’s appeal. Add to that the amazing outdoor activities and fitness scene, the unbelievable number of nightly cultural events, and the fact that Texas has one of the strongest economies in the country, and you can see why Fooduciary has decided to call Austin home…for now.

Austin guitar
The music scene here is unreal

One of the center pieces of the downtown offering is the world headquarters and flag ship store of Whole Foods. It’s a destination all by itself. The locals are proud of this homegrown business that’s gotten so big, even if they do jokingly refer to it as “Whole Paycheck,” since it can be a little on the expensive side.

But with that kind of presence in town, and with a population that is avid about natural and organic food choices, the opportunities to learn about new food options and meet incredible entrepreneurs in the food world are easy to find.  They even have organic food trailers!

After nine months overseas, despite having had some incredible adventures and unforgettable experiences, we feel like we need a breather.  We’re all for roughing it – backpacking around the world, sleeping in strange places and on terrible beds – but there is something to be said for things like first world comforts, not living out of a suitcase, and being able to relax at a meal, not having to worry about what’s in it.

But one of the biggest reasons for putting away the suitcases is that it gives us more opportunities to connect with you.  We haven’t stopped learning about food and health, and we have lots of recipes to share.  But as you may have noticed from our less frequent posts of late, it has been difficult to share them with you in real time.

Staying in one place also gives us the opportunity to work on ideas that our travels have inspired, like our new online organic food store! It is now open and ready for business. We may still have a few bugs in there, so be patient with us. We’re definitely excited about being able to offer healthy, clean food products to our readers at great prices. Once we have all the kinks worked out we’ll do a little grander opening for the store – when it’s ready to go big time. 🙂  But jump over to it and take a minute to see what we’ve got. We’d love to hear back from you about what we can do to make it better.

As for Kelli’s health, this massive high pressure weather system sitting over Texas right now, causing the worst drought in decades, has been great for her arthritis. You’d have to see it to believe it, but we signed up for one of the many exercise boot camps here in town, and there’s Kelli out there in the park hanging with the best of them; high knees, lunges, squats and all.  She’s pushing herself and wants to see what she can do.

Yeah, life is good here in ATX (the locals’ abbreviation for Austin, TX). We’re excited to talk about some of the cool companies we meet here and share their food creations with you.

Fot now, it’s time for dinner. A burger is kind of sounding good tonight. Oh look, there’s an organic grass fed burger joint right there. Love this place.

The Austin Motel...a city landmark
The Austin Motel...a city landmark

2 thoughts on “Houston, the Eagles Have Landed…in Austin

  1. hi! welcome to austin, don’t you freakin’ love it here?!

    funny thing, i just googled clean eating, as i’ve recently decided to take the plunge, and up you pop=)

    glad to have found you, look forward to reading your future posts about this great city!

    have fun keepin’ it weird=)

    1. Hey Angela! Yes, we can’t even believe how much we love it here. It’s crazy that we traveled around the world, and now we’ve found where we want to live right in Texas. Who knew?
      Thanks for your comment. We’d love to hear more from you…what prompted you to ‘take the plunge,’ what questions do you you have, etc. There are so many popular diets out there right now: raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleolithic, and beyond. We love how “clean eating” covers all the bases, no matter what your preference, but it does take a bit of learning to know what to steer clear of. Let us know if we can ever help.

      Go ‘horns!

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