Our focus has turned from a life of constant travel to finding a place to call home for several years. Welcome to Fooduciary meets New Zealand.

Once again we need to explain why it’s been so log since our last post.  After a three-month stint in Costa Rica – where we tired of the heat and slim food options – we packed up and headed for a short trip back to Utah.

We had a lot of great experiences in Costa Rica and put it high on our list of vacation destinations, but as far as living goes, we found it very difficult to be Fooducians. It’s not the most Fooducian-friendly country.  We clung to our food standards, but it was a lot tougher than we’d like to live with.  Just picture us roaming around Costa Rica munching on a head of cabbage like an apple . . . yep.

We quickly learned that eating healthy becomes 100 times harder while traveling constantly.  And during our trip to Utah, we had access to unlimited amounts of healthy food options, plus access to a fully-equipped kitchen with all the gadgets, to make cooking fun and easy. Honestly, if we could travel to places where healthy groceries were always readily available and we could transport a decent kitchen with us, we could travel forever.  Ain’t gonna happen.

So now our focus has turned from a life of constant travel to finding a place to call home for several years.  Welcome to Fooduciary meets New Zealand….

We’re now on day five in the Land of the Long White Cloud, just starting to find our groove.  We’ve been very pleasantly surprised so far with the food options we’ve found here.  There is some give and take: a great variety of fresh fruits and veggies are abundant all over the place, but it is difficult to find any organically-grown.

Oddly, we find plenty of packaged organic products, like some amazing soups in bags that have made our road tripping easier.   Food is in general a lot more expensive here than in the U.S., but the good news is that the fruits and veggies are reasonably priced with meat and dairy being much more expensive. Is this our kind of place or what?

We’ve just ended our second day in Wellington, the capital city, and have been blown away by another gorgeous Kiwi city. Still not all the food options we would love to find, but the idea of organic, gluten-free, dairy free, and the like is certainly present, even if it’s in the form of being made fun of by beer commercials on billboards. Today was overcast rainy, and surpisingly cold, very similar to San Francisco in the summer. So, a nice place to visit – as they say, “nothing beats Wellington on a nice day” – but there just aren’t enough nice days here.

All in all, we are insanely loving New Zealand and can definitely see having a Fooduciary-friendly life here.


Post Script: Yesterday’s earthquake in New Zealand is a tragedy for the whole world. The human devastation is the biggest and saddest factor. And Christchurch is a city with an incredible heritage and history. Nobody visits New Zealand without a stop in Christchurch.

We are on the southern tip of the north island, in Wellington, where we can actually see the south island from here. We were planning to ferry over there tomorrow and to make the three hour drive down, but obviously we’re going to change those plans. Clearly there’s a lot more to the south island than just Christchurch, but that is the one major city there, and since we’re looking for a home, that’s where we had wanted to spend the most time.

So that’s on hold for now, and in the mean time pray for those who have been affected.

2 thoughts on “Fooduciary is Finding a Home

  1. Susan T. says you can find the caloric value of foods on this site. Where. Love the site and your stories and advice. Will pass it on. ~K~

    1. Hi Kinne, that’s a great question. There may have been a misunderstanding there, but we actually don’t have any caloric information anywhere on our site.

      The reason for that is because our food philosophy is focused more on the quality of calories we’re eating rather than the quantity. When we purchase any packaged food that has labeling, we focus on the ingredients list rather than the amount of calories and other numeric information.

      I’m glad you like the site and I’d love to hear about how the recipes work for you.



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