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The Detox Diet is designed to reset your taste buds, your healthy bacteria, kill off the bad guys, and get your body back to functioning like it should.

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Belinda June 3, 2013

Thank you .. I will go look at my email..I am very overweight (260) 5’3 and am looking for a good detox cleansing and so I am excited about looking at y’all’s. I had always been a healthy eater as well as active and keeping active until about 10 years ago when I went from full time job to part time / temporary job because my mom (74) became ill and I had to take care of her because my dad (69) was working full time until he became ill about 3 years ago and has gone in and out of hospitals and rehabs since then. They have never been in a hospital prior to this although, have probably been unhealthy and just didn’t know it until this happened so seeing their health decline like this really scares me about my health as well as my 21 yr old daughter so we want to start with cleansing and go back to living a healthy lifestyle before its too late. Please advise. Thank You.

Brad June 3, 2013

It sounds like you already know what to do. You just need to shake off some unhealthy habits that have creeped in over the last 10 years. You’re smart to take your parents’ declining health as a warning. Most people think that getting sick as they age is just normal, but don’t realize it’s a result of poor food and activity choices accumulating over decades. The guys you just downloaded as well as this article about clean eating basics should be helpful to getting you on your way.